Apothecary 27

Haslemere’s zero waste shop selling refills for shampoo, conditioner, fabric softener, washing up liquid and laundry detergent.


Replaced plastic smoothie cups and straws with biodegradable and compostable Vegware or bring in your own cup for a discount.

We refill shampoos and shower gels to cut out plastic bottles.

We have a water fountain to refill your water bottles.


Removed foil eye protectors with reusable plastic goggles.

Removed all plastic cotton buds and replaced with card cotton buds.

Removed plastic polish brushes with wooden ones.

Refill our Sunbed lotions sauce pots.

Haslemere Food Festival

Completely removed all single use plastic from this event.

Haslemere Museum

All single use plastic cups have been removed.

Haslemere Travel

Single use water bottles and single use coffee cups have been removed.

Removed plastic bags for brochures and replaced with cotton eco bags.

Removed paper towels for handwashing and replaced with towels.

Haslemere Youth Hub

No single use plastic is used.


Replaced plastic handwash bottles with refillable dispensers.

Use reusable coffee cups instead of single use.

Teams bring in reusable boxes for lunch instead of single use plastic packaging.


Removed plastic straws, plastic bottles, plastic sandwich containers, plastic take-away cups, plastic soap dispensers and plastic bags for paninis. 


Removed single use plastic cups and replaced with biodegradable or glass.

Recycle all cardboard and glass and use recycled cardboard to pack online orders.

All of our produce is purchased as close to Haslemere as possible.


Plastic carrier bags replaced with compostable bags.

No plastic used to wrap meat or fish.

St. Ives School

Haslemere Bookshop

Lion’s Den

The Village Spirit Collective

Pickup and reuse empties when delivering to local customers.

Only use paper bags for local deliveries.

Reusable cloth bottle bag carriers to carry bottles to local events/outlets to reduce the use of cardboard boxes.

Reusable plastic hi-ball glasses for a £1 deposit at events.

No plastic straws used at any gin bars/events.

All waste is recycled e.g. tonic water empties

Deliver to our local monthly subscribers on a set day at the beginning of the month to reduce our carbon footprint by optimising deliveries.

Use cardboard gift boxes and cloth gift bags. They are good quality and can be reused for many things.

Use local businesses where possible e.g. our label company is based just outside Godalming.

The WI

Tokyo Curry

Transition Town Haslemere

UK Office Systems

No plastic cups, cutlery or plates used.

All cardboard received from suppliers is recycles.

Re-use wooden pallets for other deliveries or recycle them at local recycling centre.

All toners are collected from customers to be recycled.

Use tea towels in our kitchen instead of paper towels.

Glass or plastics bottles are all taken home by staff for recycling.